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The world has become more interconnected, and English is the business language that drives these interconnected economies.

Also, English is the dominant language of 60+ countries on this planet. MNC’s such as Microsoft, Samsung, Airbus, SAP, and even Chinese headquartered organizations like HSBC mandate English as their common business language.

The goal of business English is to make communication easy and efficient, even with a non-native speaker. Hence, there is no doubt that business English training is a must, even for native English speakers. For instance, about 1Billion users use English on the world wide web if you are doing internet business. Hence, your business English language proficiency is directly proportional to your career success. Needless to say, there are plenty of examples in our surroundings to prove this. If you are on your path to thriving, now is the best time to start your business English training.

Luckily, technology has made even the world’s most excellent business English course easily accessible from anywhere on the planet. Here in this article, we suggest some of the best online courses you can start today without postponing your success. The beauty of online classes is the flexibility it offers. You can start anywhere, and the feedback is often instant. Not to mention that most of these online courses provide ample opportunity to build a network of professionals worldwide. Let’s start your journey to become a master in business English.


Alison Online English

If you want to take the surface test and don’t want to pay, you can start with Alison’s course. It’s a free course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Even though it’s a free course, the quality of learning materials has never been compromised, and you can earn a certificate. However, this course is aimed at a more beginner level audience. If you are a novice English speaker, you should start here.


Udemy English Courses

If you are a non-native English speaker, this course is recommended for you. Ideally, this course is designed for students to get through the ESL (English as Second Language) requirement in a school enrollment process. However, it is also a powerful way to get into business English, even if that is not your chief objective.

Business English: Easy English for Meetings by Jacqueline Seidel

This course is a little more advanced than the previous one. It covers all aspects of a business meeting. From the invitation to minutes, this course covers A to Z everything about professional meetings. If you are a non-native speaker but consider yourself an intermediate, this course is for you.

Essential Business English by Jeffery hill

You would have guessed. If you are a native speaker or a non-native, yet consider yourself excellent in general English, this is the course for you. Each of the ten lessons begins with a fully-animated dialogue, making them easy and enjoyable.

Even if you are a native speaker, this course will help you be more proactive in a wide range of business situations. Don’t you want to control the circumstances instead of letting it control you?



Learn essential skills for networking in English by the University of Washington

As its name suggests, this course’s primary focus is on building professional networks using business English. However, these courses cover a wide range of business interactions and even ‘Use LinkedIn and business cards.’

This program consists of four courses over 7 months to complete and offers a professional certificate.

If English is an integral part of your job, this is the perfect investment of your time and money. With this certification, you can imagine any career that requires high levels of business English. With its excellent networking possibilities, there is no way you can go wrong after this program.


Business English for Non-Native Speakers Specialization

If you are a non-native English speaker, this is the perfect place to enhance your business English communication. Specifically, you could master your spoken and written English proficiency for business purposes.

This program emphasizes cross-cultural understanding and business case study analysis, making it very useful for non-native speakers.

Business English Communication Skills Specialization

This marvelous creation from the University of Washington is our ultimate recommendation for business English. It’s a carefully choreographed masterwork of two reputed instructors, Richard Moore and Wendy Asplin.

This specialization program consists of every aspect of business English: Networking, meetings, planning & negotiations, and marketing presentation. You can directly apply these skills in your work and face every business situation with tremendous confidence.

When you have this certification in your LinkedIn profile or CV, you can see how you attract new opportunities. Since it’s been issued by the University of Washington, this is perhaps the best online professional English certification you could think of.

If English is an integral part of your job, this is the perfect investment of your time and money. With its excellent networking possibilities, there is no way you can go wrong after this program.

There has never been a time like this where we can access such an excellent certification course from one of the world’s most prestigious universities ever.

There has never been a time like this where we can access such an excellent certification course from one of the world’s most prestigious universities ever.

Now here is the bonus …


Learn to speak Business English confidently in any situation.

Lingoda is probably the most interactive way to learn English with classroom experience. This course has been organized into small groups. Private classes make the learning experience very natural compared to many other online courses. Classes can be scheduled at a time convenient to you. Most importantly, you can always find a classroom suitable for you regardless of your fluency level.

We recommend Lingoda’s Marathon program, which starts from 6€ per group class.

Summing up

In this article, we presented the 5 courses + one classroom that we think, and many believe are the best business English programs available online.

Our strong recommendation is for EdX’s Network English program, which is a bundle of four courses. However, if you need some affordable alternatives, you may choose one of the options available on Udemy. If you are a novice and just want a surface test, you can go for Alison’s free course.

All these courses come with certifications. EdX’s one is a professional certification that may even earn university credits. It is highly recognized as the University of Washington backs it. This course will be your passport to dream big.

If you like classroom-style education, Lingoda is there for you.

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