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Programming Education is, more or less, a must for everyone in today’s technology-driven world. Here is our guide to begin your programming education.

Tech entrepreneurs are usually the coolest people on the planet. However, you don’t have to be a tech entrepreneur to learn to program.

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”

— Bill Gates, Co-Chairman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Co-Founder, Microsoft

Here we talk about three programming languages and the easiest way you can start learning them. We also talk about the benefits of you knowing each of these languages. You can begin with the one that is most suitable for you. We’d suggest you start with Python for its impressively intuitive syntax.

Why should entrepreneurs learn Python programming and where to start?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. That means you can use it for multiple purposes. As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of data and analytics. Python is the prevalent programming language used for Data Analytics besides R (A language used only for data science).

Further to its data science applications, Python is widely used as a server-side language to build websites and applications. To name a few, Instagram and Yelp are running on Python-based frameworks.

Python’s beauty and why we suggest this as the best language for entrepreneurs is its simplistic syntax. Even a ten-year-old will find learning Python both easy and pleasurable.

Python Popularity 2020

Even though Python is around since 1991, it’s popularity multifold after 2014, thanks to improvements in computing power. Today, according to StackOverflow’s survey, 65,000 developers worldwide think Python is the most needed technology for the future.

If branding is your concern, you should consider PHP.

PHP was once a prevalent language. Facebook was initially built with PHP. However, its limitation as a web-only programming language caused a downtrend in its popularity.

Nevertheless, we still recommend PHP as an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. It’s because of WordPress. WordPress powers about 38% of the websites on the internet. If you want to put a professional website up, WordPress is the best solution so far.

JavaScript, along with HTML/CSS, is excellent if you want to understand how websites do magics on your browser

JavaScript is a programming language built for browsers. Also, it’s the only language your browser understands. Because of this, JavaScript is a popular language ever since it was introduced in 1995.

HTML and CSS are not programming languages themselves. They are like the skeleton and muscles of a web page. You define what elements should appear on your page with HTML (The skeleton) and style it positions it with CSS(The muscles). JavaScript is the way you can say how the system should function.

In recent years, engineers made it possible to work even outside browsers with Node.js. Hence, JavaScript, like Python, is now capable of serving more than just one purpose. Therefore, we recommend JavaScript for entrepreneurs.


There are so many options when it comes to programming languages. Python, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, and C# are some of the popular ones. However, for non-tech entrepreneurs, we strongly recommend Python, both for its impressive learning curve and widespread usage. However, if your chief objective is to put a website up for branding purposes, PHP could help you because of WordPress, the technology behind 38% of the websites on the internet. JavaScript is a cool technology that works on browsers, and it’s good to understand to create wonders on your site.

We highly recommend interactive learning programs for your maximum success learning programming

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