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Effective people, internally crying for satisfaction in one or more things. They have summited the huge mountain only to see that it’s the wrong mountain.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the most reputed personal development books for the past 30 years. Dr. Stephen Covey published the book in 1989 with excellent timeless 7 habits for everyone to achieve beyond the outward success.

A lot of successful people, internally crying for satisfaction in one or more things. They have summited the huge mountain only to see that it’s the wrong mountain. Hence the focus in this book is not Success, its effectiveness. In other words, the frequent accomplishment of our goals in short periods.

Dr. Stephen Covey’s idea is based on what he calls the maturity continuum. At the base level, everyone is dependent on others and their surroundings, just like how infants depend on their caregivers. The first three habits are for private victory – becoming independent from others and circumstances. It is the second level of maturity continuum. Habits 4, 5, and 6 are for public victory, which leads to the inter-dependence state. Inter-dependence is the highest level of maturity. Habit 7 circles all the other six habits, which effectively is how to preserve and improve our good habits. Let’s dive into the 7 habits of highly effective people

Habit I: Be Proactive

Reactive people depend too much on their circumstances. If the weather is good, they feel good. If it is dull, they also feel sluggish. The weather is something we concerned about, but we can’t influence it. However, proactive people focus on what they could control.

Focusing on our language is the first step in becoming more proactive. Reactive people often use phrases such as “I have to” or “I can’t.” because of their dependence on their environment. The proactive language would have “I prefer,” “I choose to,” and “I will.”

Habit II: Begin With the End in Mind

Everything is created twice. First mentally, and then physically. Many just accept wherever life takes them to. But highly effective people create their sharp mental image before they start on anything. This is why a personal mission statement is essential to be more effective.

Dr. Stephen Covey suggests a simple exercise. You must not hurry on this or be disturbed during this exercise. It’s envisioning your funeral. Four people prepared to speak at your funeral: a family member, a friend, a neighbor, and a work-colleague. Think about what they would be talking about you. Take your time and repeat this exercise to identify the purpose of your life.

Habit III: Put First Things First

We don’t have to do everything that comes along in life. Habit 3 is prioritizing our activities.

Everyone would choose to spend time with our family over to project deadlines. Because that is what more important to us. However, only effective people dare to deprioritize project deadlines. Others accept it because deadlines are urgent.

Dr. Stephen Covey suggests planning for the week over to daily planning. First, the week must be filled up with what is more important. What is more urgent shouldn’t be the priority.

Voila! Private victory achieved!

Habit IV: Think Win-Win

No one needs to lose for you to win. Mutual benefit is always achievable, and highly effective people always go for a win-win deal.

All competitions and the schooling systems encourage win-lose. When I win, you lose. However, almost always, there is a third alternative where I win, and you also win.

Habit V: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

We’ve spent years on how to communicate our ideas in the best way possible. But how about listening?

Dr. Stephen Covey strongly suggests empathic listening. Listening with heart. Most people listen with the intent to reply or to make their point across, but not to understand.

Habit VI: Synergize

1+1=2. This is why most people try to find victory alone and for themselves. They think adding another person doesn’t add any value to his/her own success. Some believe 1+1 is less than 2. The other person might slow you down.

However, in practice, 1+1 could be greater than 2. The effect of synergy is so powerful, which could fast track you in achieving your goals.

Yahoo! That’s public victory!

Habit VII: Sharpen The Saw

This is the most important of all the habits. Preserving and enhancing the most precious asset you have: you. According to Dr. Covey, we all have four dimensions, and each of them needs special care.

  1. Physical: For example, activities like healthy diets, exercising, and resting. 
  2. Mental and Emotional: reading, teaching
  3. Social: Make meaningful connections, friends, neighbors, etc.
  4. Spiritual: Through meditations, listening to music, prayers, service, etc. 

Habit VII is the renewal of all other habits. It keeps you fresh and motivated.

These are the 7 habits of highly effective people by Dt Stephan Covey. This article is intended to create inspiration for the book. And the book is filled with motivational stories, more techniques, and many more. If you find this article interesting, you will find the book intriguing too.

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