The secret to become rich, or successful in any area, lies within us. This true power can be harnessed to achieve anything in life.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, is believed to be the book that created many millionaires than any other.  The one word summary for this book is “Faith is the starting point of accumulation of wealth”. He published the original version of this book in 1937. But the concepts of this book are unquestionable even in the 21st century digital age.

Why should you read this book?

The apparent reason for reading this book is to get rich or wealthy, just like its name suggests. However, this book is much more than that. The techniques given in this book work better to accomplish any of your life goals. This book doesn’t teach you the method of money-making or millionaires biographies. Instead, it helps you to discover a strategy that is just for you to pursue your dream.

Napoleon Hill has studied many millionaires of his time and identified how their brain works. Some of those super-brains are Thomas Edison, the incredible inventor of the light bulb, and many more, Henry Ford, the owner of the Ford Motors. John D. Rockefeller, the number one wealthiest person of that time and Andrew Carnegie, the steel industrialist and the second wealthiest person of that time.

Key takeaways:

The infinite intelligence is within our reach.

The human mind has two parts, the conscious and the subconscious mind. If our conscious mind is of the size of a Matchbox, our subconscious mind would be like the milky way! Its computational power is incredible, and it keeps working even when we sleep. But for most people, it works against them. How can we program it to work for us? That’s the next takeaway.

Let it work for us

Hill suggests a simple routine to access the incredible potentials of our subconscious mind. It requires no supernatural abilities. Suppose if your goal is to join the millionaires club in the next three years:

  • Create a definite goal Ambiguous goals are never going to succeed. Your goals must be concrete. Be specific on the number of $1,000,000.00 and picture it in your mind. How many $100 bills you see?
  • what is Your effort in return?: This book is not about any supernatural powers. Nothing will come to you without something in return. So be clear on what are your efforts in return for your success. It’s like, I’m going to build the startup idea in my mind to reach the $1,000,000.00 goal. Gradually, this is going to transfer every $100 bill I saw in the first step into my bank account.
  • Define when your deadline is: You need a timeframe within which you are going to achieve your goal. You know that we don’t live forever, right? Then whats the point your wealth reaching $1,000,000.00, fifty years after your death? You need to have a timeline like having $1,000,000.00 in your bank in three years from now. Don’t worry, and you will definitely make it.
  • Create a plan and don’t wait: With these three steps now, you can create a plan, that can actually work. Don’t worry if you have doubts; they will be gone soon. But never let your mind procrastinate. Let’s start your plan right away.
  • Your first physical effort: Write down all the above steps, and past it somewhere you’d often see. Wouldn’t you agree that we plan a lot but never start anything? You have to start your plans somewhere, and you have to start it small. This is that step.
  • Persistence in your goal: Every day, in the morning, when you wake up, as the first thing, you need to read what you have written. When you are doing it, you have to imagine in your mind that you have already achieved your goal. Voilà – there is a $1,000,000.00 in my bank account. What a relief. All my plans worked, and I received what I deserve for my effort in the last three years. You will have to repeat this also in the night, just before you retire for the day.

This is why it will work and make you wealthy

Our subconscious mind does not understand languages. Hence, you can’t directly talk to it and say this is what you want. It recognizes only feelings and emotions. That is why you need to picture it in your mind, imagine as you already achieved your goal, and emotionally attach yourself to it. Like shaking hands with other millionaires in a grand event.

Your early morning and just before you retire in the night are like gateways to your subconscious mind. When you use these occasions for step six, your subconscious mind starts to work the whole night to bring your dream into reality. And when there are no other thoughts in your brain, your subconscious mind is very active during your sleep.

When you repeat this process every day, your subconscious mind gradually starts to work in favor of you. It will guide you when you need to think creatively and when you make decisions.

Final thoughts after reading “Think and Grow Rich”

Our mind is like a garden. When we plant an apple tree in that garden, it will give apples. When we plant poison trees in that garden, all you get is poison.

Apples are our positive thoughts, and negative thoughts are the poison trees in our minds. Also, plants in our garden will reproduce. But the saddest part is that our negative emotions are so strong so that they could plant more poison trees than what a positive though could plant. When we think more and more positively, our mind produces more apples for our soul to be fantastic. This is the technique taught in this book of becoming rich.

This article is merely a high-level summary of the concepts tough in this book. The book is, in fact, much more illustrative and interesting. With a lot of real-life stories and the author’s personal experience will make us more confident. Think and grow rich is a book that is going to change your life.

Hope you’d soon join the millionaires community! 

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