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Visionary leaders like Elon Musk are driven by their values. Here is how you can understand yourself better and become visionary.

Who comes to your mind when you hear the word “visionary”? Steve Jobs? Henry Ford? Perhaps Elon Musk, right?

But why not you?

The goal of this article is to make you think of visionary and help you make guided, self-conscious decisions in your life. 

A mindful exercise

Let’s start with a little exercise given in the book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” by Stephen R. Covey. You must be alone and undisturbed during this exercise. If you find this article interesting, you will find the book intriguing too. 

Our imagination is a powerful tool that only humans have. No other living thing on this beautiful earth has that power. By harnessing our mental faculties’ excellent power of imagination, we can create a future that doesn’t exist. A future we want. A future we’d love. This exercise is precisely that. 

This simple exercise is an image of your funeral in the next three years! Yes, you’ve heard it right. Your funeral. 

The idea is to imagine four speeches at your funeral. One from your closest family, one from your neighborhood, one from your workplace, and one from your friend circle. What would they be telling about you at your funeral? What impact have you made on their lives? You’ve got the idea, right?

Not sit back, relax, close your eyes, and start doing this exercise. Patiently take the time you need for it. Repeat this every day. And you’d be able to see and sense your purpose in life. 

When you repeat this frequently, you are effectively reprogramming your subconscious mind to work for you. To achieve just that status, you’ve only dreamed.

When you have a vision …

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich,” emphasizes the power of our subconscious mind and the importance of our imagination. This book is believed to be created more millionaires than any other. 

According to Hill, the subconscious mind is like a garden, and our imagination is the gardener. Also, the subconscious mind is infinitely powerful, so that it could create any sort of reality. 

However, the subconscious mind is beyond the reach of languages and regular communications. The only way you can program the subconscious mind so that it could work for you is through imagination. When you visualize and feel your futuristic vision inside your mind, only then you could let your subconscious mind know about it. Hill suggests you need to imagine it as if you are already possessing those things you wish to achieve. 

Once you have a vision, you become visionary…

abandoned boat

Without the destination, what good can you get from the world’s most potent ship? Perhaps it could survive for a bit longer in the ocean. But it doesn’t go to make it anywhere. On the other hand, when you have your destination, you’d know which direction you need to head out, where to turn, where to rest, etc. 

Life isn’t too different from this. When you have no vision, your decisions are not consistent. You are not clear why you do what you do. And you’ll often react to the circumstances. You’d let yourself brainwashed by your environmental conditions. Just a boat which goes in whatever direction wind and waves take you through. 

On the contrary, if you have a vision, you can evaluate all your actions against your principles. Your decisions are consistent with your beliefs. You are always proactive than being reactive to environmental conditioning. Others can easily understand you, and they’ll start believing in you. You inspire them with your vision. And eventually, you expand your circle-of-influence. 

See how you can expand your influence by being proactive.

Or, if you want to see the power of environmental conditioning, look for the below article. 

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