focusing on the right thing

We do not fail on getting things done. We often succeed in getting the wrong thing done. Here’s how to prioritize and fix it.

Do you have something you wanted to start that would have improved your life status to a whole new level?

Then why didn’t you started? Why haven’t you started even now? You know that it is essential. Maybe to stay more healthy or perhaps to improve your mental faculties.

This article will answer these questions and help you to start the unstarted!

A Lifestyle Matrix

We think that our lifestyle is a continuum wherein one end there is a coward lifestyle, and on the other end, there is a hard-working lifestyle or a smart lifestyle we say. But in fact, this is absolutely wrong.

Lifestyle is more than a continuum. A matrix is a better representation of our lifestyle. Let’s see how successful people organize their life.

All our tasks can be included in one of these four quadrants. At first, it might seem that the first quadrant, Very Urgent & Very Important is what we have to focus on. Most of us, of course, try to be in that.

Don’t we carry a to-do list with us, and prioritize tasks and do one by one? Most of us do. We also think that’s the best way to manage our tasks, aren’t we? It’s very common when we think of lifestyle as a continuum.

Unfortunately, we end up doing only the urgent and essential tasks, and the non-urgent yet important tasks are often leftover until one day, their consequences are too significant for us to correct.

Finding out the fundamental problem

Let’s come back to our initial question. Why didn’t you started what you wanted to start? Because it’s not urgent, but only important. You didn’t want your urgent tasks waiting because of non-urgent stuff.

It is true if what you have thought is something like, start to read a book every month. Unless if you are a knowledge worker, like in academia, this task is not urgent for you. It is just important. It’s true for a routine like adopt a healthy diet. Unless if you are an actor or a gym trainer, this is not urgent, just important.

Now that we know that our focus should be on the second quadrant. This is where we are proactive. This is where our decisions are consistent with our values. This is where we unlock our unlimited potential.

But if a to-do list can’t help, then what is the proper way of managing them. I know you’re saying, stop focusing on quadrant one might have dangerous consequences.

We’ll if we made it to this level, then we’re already great. Lets do a deep dive into these quadrants to see whats happening there, in another article.

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