Paradigm Decides How We Think

People’s perspectives changes with their paradigm. This articles explains the practical ways it could affect one’s thinking pattern.

Why do we find a specific type of music exciting while others don’t see that way? Or have you wondered why President Trump didn’t like the movie, Parasite? Others perspective about the world is different because of the paradigm they live in is different.  Here is a test for your brain.

An Illustration – A Woman in the Picture – Set your paradigm

Let’s look at the image below. What do we see?

young beautiful girl

A woman? How old is she?

About 25? How does she look?

She is pretty, right?

That’s great, now click on the link below and take a look at that too. What do you see?

Again a woman?

Again about 25 years old?

But what if I say the image in the link is of an old lady with a big nose? Of course, my glasses and eyes are as good as yours. But I could see an old lady. If you haven’t noticed that old lady, I’d suggest you take a look at the below link and then look back at the other link again.

I hope you’d have seen it now. If you’d have seen this link first instead of the young girl’s one above, you might have seen the old lady first. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is mental conditioning or the paradigm we look at the world. We see the world through different glasses. But it doesn’t mean the other person’s perspective is wrong. They see it through a different pair of glasses.

The Science – The Birth and Growth of a Homo-Sapien.

Homo Sapiens

Every human child born in this world is packed with about 100 Billion Neurons in its brain, the type of cell that is responsible for memory, intelligence, and other brain activities. That’s about one-third of the stars in our galaxy. By the age of 3, each of them has about 15,000 connections with some other neurons. These connections and their strengths are responsible for our thought patterns.

However, over time, not all of those connections strengthen evenly. Only the one that we use the most will rapidly grow, and others will fade away. Mother Nature nurtures us for the best survival in the environment we live in. This is precisely why some are excellent painters, and some are outstanding mathematicians.

The conditioning exercise we did works just the same way. The first image we saw, programmed our brain in such a way to see the young girl. A few seconds of conditioning have such an impact on our way of seeing things. Can you now guess what an effect our religious, political, and social setup has on our way of thinking?

Further thoughts …

Thoughts Chimp

Have you ever thought why your wife or girlfriend is so good at picking your subtler signals to guess your feelings (Or maybe to find out that you are lying)? Because it’s in their genes.

The way we think, our perspectives, and activists have been programmed in three ways. First though our genes – Genetic determinism.

Even before we’ve become homo-sapiens, also when we were some kind of apes, females took care of their babies. And babies aren’t good at communication yet. The mother will have to guess. (Well, it’s millions of years late for our gentlemen to regret about it. Will have to face the consequences now.)

Second through your upbringing and childhood experiences – Psychic determinism. Perhaps you are afraid to be in front of a group.

Finally, Environmental determinism. Your colleagues, friends, family, spouse, children, neighbors all continue to reprogram your brain and change our perspective.

Now, lets come back to the interesting question at the beginning. Why did President Trump not find the movie Parasite interesting?

This article is inspired from the book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephan Covey. This book has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and concidered to be one of the most impactful leadership book .

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